Short Films

A collection of short fictional films about people banding together to be free, get theirs, and win. Sharing permitted for political education purposes.

Anyway, Jeff Bezos Can Kiss Our Ass (2020)

Amid NYC’s fight against Amazon, Aurelia must decide what it means to be “crazy” in a crazy world for the sake of her neighborhood and her small family. Writer & Producer.

“Anyway, Jeff Bezos Can Kiss Our Ass” asks audiences to reflect on the ways that women-led families and social justice initiatives in our communities are linked. It juxtapositions the mental health journey of a family with the overall well-being of a community fighting against Amazon. Most importantly it asks us to suspend disbelief in what social norms have taught us is” right” and instead asks us to believe in each other.

First They Came for My Mother (2019)

Danni & Kali’s mother is kidnapped by the state, but they have a plan to get her back. Writer.

In 2030 Unicorns Roam the Streets of Roosevelt (2018)

Jakelin is a 7 year-old convinced she is a magical creature and roams the police-free streets of Roosevelt Avenue, Queens at night in search of adventure. No Dialogue. (2018) Writer, Producer, Editor.

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