Ode to Queens, NYC

10 years worth of projects that expand on people’s personal relationships to the borough, collective memories, and our larger vision for a Queens free of irresponsible development, displacement and criminalization. All projects may be used and shared for education purposes.

Audio Interviews for “Decentralizing Control: Colombian Migrant Women and the Informal Economy” (2009) Producer & Researcher
Video Series “La Roosevelt”, Produced in partnership with Queens Neighborhoods United (2015) Producer & Editor
Series of rapid-response videos for social media and political education, produced alongside youth at Global Action Project and in collaboration with the Hate Free Zone Coalition (2017) Lead Producer & Editor
A short film about a child whose convinced they’re a unicorn and the police-free community who looks out for them during their travels. “In 2030 Unicorns Roam the Streets of Roosevelt” (2018) Writer, Editor & Producer
Flyer for Community Forum Against Amazon in partnership with The Hate Free Zone Coalition, (2019) Graphic Designer
A fictionalized account of the grassroots fight waged against Amazon from the perspective of one Queens family struggling to navigate mental health. Produced in collaboration with Queens Neighborhoods United.

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