karina hurtado-ocampo

cultural worker and coordinator creating alongside multilingual, working-class and organized communities.

As an artist I am committed to stories and creative processes that 1) encompass the experience and vision of working people, 2) advances the narrative needs of a project, and 3) is accountable to a larger organizing strategy.

As an educator I have supported organizations in building programs that develop collective and individual leadership and aligning their media with their values, capacity and political strategy.

Currently a part of the Movement Matters consulting team for strategic communications and community media.

Media Consulting

Does your organization or small business need to develop a media strategy to reach your audience? Do you know you need to launch a social media campaign, but are not sure where to start? Unsure how or when to include your members in the creative process? I’ll work with you to asses your needs, advise on strategy, develop a work plan based on your skills and capacity, and manage production projects. Example of member-led productions: LEDC Tenant Strike, #CopsNotCounselors, Why Ants? Hate Free Zone, Jarocho Pal’Estudiante, Baltimore Rebellions


Developing intimate stories that connect audiences to political action and formations. Examples: Short Films Page

Video Editing

Editing short promotional videos for campaigns or businesses. Examples: People’s Forum Video, How to Get An “A

Curriculum Development & Program Design

Develop curriculum that bridges political education, leadership development, and media production aligned with the messaging and values of your campaign or project.

Layout & Design

This is visual content that you need my support in visualizing and designing. For these projects, it is assumed content such as text and photos is provided by the client and is not included in the cost below. If you need photos and other content to be developed by the designer, let’s discussed during the initial consultation meeting. Examples: brochures, manuals, reports, curriculum design, basic web design, logos, flyers, single graphics, info-graphs, graphics for social media campaigns.

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